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Welcome to PAINTHOUSE.

We are a small shop located in Cypress, TX, just northwest of Houston. Our crew of talented PAINTHOUSE craftsmen have been building, customizing and/or customizing classic cars & trucks for decades.


Our projects have been shown at the highest levels of the industry with far more success than we could have ever anticipated. They have also been featured in advertising for some of the largest companies in this business. Most importantly, they are appreciated and driven by the customers that allow us the privilege of helping them achieve their dream.


This all started for me before I can even remember. I was told that my first spoken word was “wheel”.  My fascination with all things automotive and mechanical grew as I built hundreds (okay, maybe thousands) of scale models during my early years. You might even say we are still building models, these just happen to be full size versions. Follow that with the first few high school cars and my education began. 


We believe in form and function and the fact that they can - and should- coexist. Just because something is beautiful, that does not mean it should not work properly. We also believe that we should not ruin what is “right” about these classic vehicles that we all love. There is a reason we are drawn to them and we do not want to mess that up. Lastly, our collection of custom-created colors have helped us achieve the look that usually requires a 3-stage finish with out the problems or headaches. 


We invite you to peruse the website or our social media pages and see what we do. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, would like to discuss a project, want to order a paint sample or just want to learn more about what we do.

Now, I have to get off this computer and get back to work...

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