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What’s the deal (aka: FAQ’s)


  • Do we offer samples of our colors?  Yes. It is almost impossible to properly judge a color on a cell phone or computer screen. Hence, we offer hand-painted samples of the actual color (or colors) you would be purchasing for your review - in your lighting conditions, using your very own eyeballs. 


  • How much do the samples cost?  The samples are painted on a small plastic speed shape car body. They cost $35 each, which is refunded back to you with a corresponding paint purchase. This allows us to cover the material cost and shipping to you while you get your purchase price back if you buy a color…or colors.


  • How much does our paint cost?  We price our colors as our PPG mixing software indicates. Once a formula is input, the PPG computer lets us know a price code and that is what we stick to. We know this is not an inexpensive proposition, so we try to be as fair as possible. 


  • Why does paint cost so much?  At the risk of being sarcastic: ask PPG (and all the other paint brands). Yes, there are cheaper brands of paint out there, however - as with all things in life – you get what you pay for. Over the years, we have used cheap paint and expensive paint and – yes - there is a difference, not only in coverage and the number of coats required, but also the quality over the long term. The finish you apply needs to not only look great coming out of the paint booth but years later as well. 


  • Do we sell our paint formulas?  Much like Coca Cola or Chick Filet, our formulas are Top Secret, proprietary “recipes” that we have spent years developing, so we keep them locked down, deep in our PAINTHOUSE Vault. Some were engineered on purpose and others were fortuitous accidents. Either way, all are kept locked down tighter than the secrets in Area 51.


  • What paint system do we mix our colors from?  We create our colors from the proven and very stable PPG Deltron DBC basecoat (solvent) set of toners. DBC mixes at a 1:1 ratio with urethane reducer. An optional catalyst (DX57) can be added for additional film strength and chip resistance. 


  • Are the colors two- stage or three-stage?  All of our custom colors are 2-stage, base coat colors. Most of them are applied over black in the sample you would get. None of them are candy or 3-stage colors, despite the fact that they may fool you in to thinking otherwise.


  • Are the colors repairable?  Absolutely. As a painter, I was tired of dealing with all the issues that are part and parcel of two- and three-stage colors. We paint our projects in pieces and they match when assembled. The ugly truth of the matter is that we all have to repair our projects at times. These colors blend out nicely and repair as easily as any base coat color can be expected to. If you do your job as a painter, they will do theirs as your color. Simply put, it is not if - it is when - you will have to fix something on your project. These colors give you more than a fighting chance.


  • Do I need a sealer and what color should I use?  While sealers are not always required, we always apply one as our foundation. We use black as our sealer color - or undertone - with almost all of our colors. A few colors are to be applied over a different tone, like white or light grey. You will be notified of the sealer color when the sample is purchased. This way, any future repairs you may make are kept consistent, the color looks as you saw it on the sample and it matches properly later on. For those of you that do not use a sealer, we recommend that you apply a corresponding shade of basecoat as your first coat in order to establish the undertone needed for the specific color. Again, it will usually be black.


  • What clear coat do we recommend?  Clear coats area a very…subjective…subject. In our projects, we have been very pleased with PPG DCU2021. It has been around for quite some time, is proven, durable and polishes with relative ease. We typically apply 4-5 coats and do not encounter issues or sluggish dry times. We have also had success with PPG Vibrance 5700 and Global D8152. Our go to matte & semi-gloss clears are PPG Global D8115 matte and D8117 semi-gloss. We often “cocktail” them to achieve a specific level of sheen. (Insider Tip: when using a low-gloss clear over black, we mix both 8115 & 8117 in a 50/50 ratio to get a very nice look as an accent tone. You should give it a try. In fact, we call it 50/50 clear…)


  • How much do I need to order?  That is a very subjective question based on lots of variables. It can be discussed on an individual basis, based on the size and scope of your project. We highly recommend ordering more than you think you need, just in case you do need to repair something in the future. It is always best to do so from the same batch of paint. Feel free to contact us in order to discuss that as well as any other questions or concerns you may have. 

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