The Hudson is loose on the streets of Columbus, Ohio...

After a successful season showing the '47 Hudson of Jason McPike on the ISCA indoor car show circuit, we have just returned from the 2014 Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH with a Builder's Choice award and lots of great memories. Not only do we love showing off our work, we truly enjoy meeting new people and seeing all the new vehicles that are brought to the show by individuals and builders across the nation.

The 17th annual PPG Nationals, part of the Goodguys series of outdoor car shows, is a huge event that requires actual driving of the vehicles in order to access the fairgrounds. Imagine that: requiring a vehilce to actually work in order to be a part of the show. I love the fact that we get to see, hear, smell and experience the huge array of amazing stuff that somes in from all corners of our great country. The indoor car show circuit has been a mainstay of our existance for many years. However, seeing these cars and trucks in action is something that cannot be appreciated in the sterile environment of an indoor show. The effect of real sunlight on the paint jobs and the sound of a lumpy V-8 engine has to be experienced "live" to be appreciated.

It never ceases to amaze me the caliber of vehicle that shows up in Columbus. I saw not one but two Riddler winning vehicles (last year's '40 Ford and this year's Riviera) cruising the highways, streets, the show and the hotel parking lot. The highlight for me was seeing the reigning Riddler-winning Riviera aggressively take on the autocross course. THAT is not something you see very often, if at all. The car is somewhat polarizing in that some like it and some don't (I absolutely do). However, the level of quality, detail, engineering and individuality cannot be denied. Kudos to JF Lanier for taking that beauty out of the trailer and making it real. I certainly hope it is a trend that continues.
The two major awards given at this show are the "Street Rod of the Year" and the "Street Machine of the Year". There is a designated area to park your vehicle should you want to be considered for competition. Out of all the entries, the "Top 5" are chosen for both SMOTY and SROTY. Those five are then judged to determine the ultimate winner of each award. There are other awards as well, yet these two are the main draw as far as high-end, competitive vehicles are concerned. I would have been hard-pressed to pick a Top 10 out of each group, as the level of quality was so high in all areas.
Congratulations to Miranda-built for their win of the 2014 Street Machine of the Year award ('67 Nova) and to Don Smith for his Street Rod of the Year honors (''32 Ford sedan). I apologize for not getting a good overall picture of the little orange '32, I must admit to getting lost in all of its detail and never stepped back for an overall shot. It would have been almost impossible anyway as the car was mobbed all weekend. Both are phenomenal cars.

We reluctantly entered the Street Rod of the Year foray, realizing that a truck would most likely not be chosen in to the Top 5. Whether chosen or not, it is a great way to get seen by lots of eyeballs as well as fuel the creative fire within. Who knows, maybe we'll take a run at the Goodguys "Truck of the Year" award, held at the Fort Worth Goodguys in the Fall. Stay tuned...
As if being in the show itself wasn't enough, we were fortunate enough to have received a "Builder's Choice" award from the Goolsby Customs folks. Other than a Top 5 pick, this award is one hell of an honor. I have been a fan of Goolsby Customs for years and having them notice our work and pick it out of literally thousands of attending vehicles is humbling to say the least. Thanks, fellas!
The other reason to be in Columbus for this event is the Crowne Plaza Hotel's parking lot party. The Crowne Plaza Hotel North is the Host Hotel for the event and as a result there is a several year waiting list to get a room. We earned ours a few years ago and have no intention of letting it go any time soon. If you would like to stay there (and you should), you had better get on The List now.
Literally hundreds of cars show up and cruise the hotel's parking lot for the afternoon and evenings of Thursday - Saturday. We have been lucky enough to have 'inherited' a premier parking spot from our friends Mac & Shelly Bernd. There we set up our trailer, put out food, drink, awnings and chairs in order to relax and watch the evening's events unfold. It is a front row seat if there ever was one. If you are in the area next year, make sure you stop by, say "Howdy" and have a beverage with us. The invite is open to one and all. Don't be surprised if we give away a few PAINTHOUSE t-shirts as well.
A quick word of "Thanks" to InTech trailers for getting us to these shows in style, comfort and safety. Last summer we purchased our first new trailer, a 36' all-aluminum gooseneck trailer. It was not inexpensive, however it was worth every penny. Not to mention the fact that the trailer just looks bad ass, to steal a phrase from the youth of my day. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great trailer give them a shout. I get nothing for saying this, by the way, it is just a great product that deserves to be recognized.


As of now, we are back home and living the 'normal' life, whatever that is. I'll bring this long overdue blog in for a landing and hope to see any/all of you at the next PPG Nationals. I'll put a few pics of my favorites, just to tease you a little.

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