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Hey all, Sorry I haven't been around this 'blogosphere' lately. It has been really hectic here at Painthouse. The weekend of August 1-3 found our upholsterer extraordinare, Ron Mangus, visiting the shop to work on our '62 Vette project named "$umday". Ronnie came in to install the headliner in the hardtop and install the dash pad that he had previously covered in a beautiful dark brown leather at his shop in Rialto, California. After covering the replacement dash pad in leather, he shipped it to us in anticipation of his arrival on August 1. It was truly a pleasure to watch a professional at the top of his industry work his magic. Like all leaders, he makes it look so easy, and he it is obvious he still loves doing his work. We, along with the car owners, Steve and Jen Keffeler, took Ronnie out for some real Tex-Mex cooking Firday evening and then a local car show on Saturday night after some dinner and swimming at the Keffeler's beautiful home. As a side note: the Keffeler's have a salt water pool, versus a traditional chlorinated style, and it was fantastic. If I ever get to build a pool, I will follow their lead. Ronnie and his extremely talented crew will be doing at least the next 3 interiors on our upcoming projects ($umday/1962 Vette; Candy Apple Blonde/1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible and a 1955 Thunderbird yet to be named). Even though his shop is over 1500 miles away, his work ethic, integrity, quality results and reputation make the trip well worth the effort. You can check out his work at www.customautointeriors.com . I have covered the 'freinds' portion of the title, now on to 'dreams come true'. We have begun construction of our new shop...finally! It has been years of struggle, hard work, prayer and a little luck that have finally led up to us being able to build, and own, our own facility. We are building on property located behind our home, which is something we have wanted to do for a very long time. I have been a workaholic for so many years that I want the freedom to participate in my kids lives as they grow up. My oldest son unfortunately had to tolerate me working ALOT of hours, and holidays, as we built our business up from scratch. He understands and appreciates what it takes to be self-employed and I love him for that. I hope to be able to be more available to him and our two younger kids once this building is operational, while they still like me (at least I think they do!). If all remains on schedule, in about 4-5 weeks, we should have a brand new, 4000 foot facility to continue our life's work in. Stay tuned for a more detailed update with some pictures. Take care, world. Randy
Monday, August 18, 2008


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