Salt Lake City showed us some love...

"Blew Bayou cleans house in Salt Lake City!"

Blew Bayou, Noel Irvin's '67 GTO was our big winner having recieved First in Class, Outstanding Detail (not an easy award to win), Outstanding Paint (0ur personal favorite!), Outstanding Display and on top of all that was voted Outstanding Custom of the Show. Yes! "Blue Belle was well liked in Salt Lake City"

Blue Belle, Penny Weiss' little '55 Tbird has borught home First in Class, another Outstanding Paint (Yay us!) and was chosen as Outstanding Sports Car of the Show.

Fine job, Mrs. Weiss."Night Mare completes the Painthouse Trifecta"

Dana Irvin and her '65 Fastback Mustang grabbed some gold from Salt Lake City as well. First in Class, Outstanding Interior and earned Outstanding Street Machine of the Show! Nice!

As it turns out, between our 3 cars, we won every outstanding award that was available to win. I think that is quite a success. This has been a great experience. The show has been nothing  polite, clean and fun, not to mention some very high-end stuff to look at. I'll post some of my favorites later, when the interweb is available to me again. Thanks, Salt Lake, we'll be back next year to pick up some more of your trophies! until next time, Randy  

Monday, March 5, 2012


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