Busy week here at Painthouse.and the Indians are attacking!

Howdy out there in Blogland. What a hectic week around here as some travel time approaches. As spring threatens to arrive, I am bugging out. for awhile. In preparation to leave town for awhile, we have painted two motorcycles, one a complete Harley Davidson "Dresser" with all the hard bags to boot. The other is a Mustang scooter, an original. Beyond that, the upcoming '63 Corvette roadster, "Raytona" has been disassembled and sent out for baking soda blasting of the painted surfaces. The '67 GTO "Blew Bayou" is getting the final touches of metal fitting prior to a heavy-duty block sanding of the existing primer. Also, the transmission housing and tail shaft have gotten a thorough smoothing and priming as they await paint. LeMonster, our '72 Pontiac project, is amid body working and initial priming of the body exterior, trunk and door jambs. This car is really starting to shape up. The custom color is still in the works. East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'..remember that one? We have a 1980 Trans Am that has come in for bodywork and paint here at PAINTHOUSE. Okay, so it's not the original model car, but this one emulates the car in the third movie! They obviously saved the best for last!  Anyway, watch for a build page dedicated the the Bandit (original name, I know). Lastly, another Pontiac has arrived, a 1969 GTO Judge hardtop. It still has most of the original paint on it and very virgin floor pans. I am still amazed at what shows up on our doorstep at times. Stay tuned as we go back in time on this project. What's up with all the Pontiacs lately? Is there a trend I am not aware of? It wouldn't be the first  I've missed the boat. I am prepping to leave for the invitation-only Blackie's Show (Fresno Autorama). We will have the 'Blonde' on display. She seems to be quite an exhibitionist and likes to be looked at. Go figure. Following that, I will fly out to Franklin, Tennessee (near Nashville) for a week of filming with 5 or 6 other builders on the set of Trucks TV. The 'paint and body' rock stars, as Kevin Tetz likes to call us, will be ganging up on the show's dually truck project for a complete body working and refinish. I've seen the truck, she's a rough chick, and is in need of some cosmetic surgery. We will keep you updated with details as they become available. make sure you watch as a fat-headed painter from Cypress, Texas single-handedly ruins an entire network television series! Sorry Kevin, but you asked for it! until next time, Randy
Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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