Blue Belle is 4-0, one to go.


The 32nd annual Wichita Falls Autorama, our fourth show of the season, was a great success. The promoters were kind enough to place us front and center as the first car seen in the building. As a result of being here, Blue Belle garnered 6 awards:

First in Class (Mild Sports)

Outstanding detail

Outstanding display

Outstanding Use of Color

Long Distance award and.

Outstanding Sports overall

With this outing. we have, in the minimum time allowable, qualified for a class championship. This was one of our goals for this year and we have achieved it in short order. The next show, Dallas Autorama, will hopefully add to our score, and who knows, maybe we'll make it to the Grand Finale, in Omaha, Nebraska. We shall see.

Our friends Mac and Shelly Bernd were there with their stunning '55 Chevy. We have done some paint work on it, and extensive polishing, which, hopefully, helped him garner the "Outstanding Paint" award, along with two others. Hey Mac, it looks like one of the kids actually got into your '55 and left behind his own little show car!

55Mac_Wichita Falls 2011-155Mac_toy inside

I have come to the conclusion that by naming Penny's little Thunderbird "Blue Belle", it thinks it is ice cream. You know, as in Blue Bell Ice cream. Why, you ask? It seems as though we cannot make a trip out of town in any direction without running through ice and snow. Our trip to Wichita Falls, Texas, for their 32nd Autorama was no exception. Although the pictures seem mild, at least by the last blog's standards, suffice it to say that the roads were quite slick. I would much rather drive on the solid ice roads like we did coming back from the Grand National Roadster Show than on this almost invisible coating of frozen water. At least on the former you can tell what you are driving on.

This genius blew past us doing about 60, then a few minutes later, who do you think we found jack-knifed in the median?


Proof that the ice is nothing to be messed with. Especially if you can barely see it on the road.


It became so cold, so fast, that the water droplets froze in place on the truck. The radio antenna had ice over 1/4" thick on it in short order.


We are presently awaiting our turn to enter the Dallas Autorama and begin set up for our 5th, and probably final, ISCA show this year. We have Blue Belle and Candy Apple Blonde with us this time, so it will be a busy next few days. If you're in the area, stop on by. Stay tuned, and I will be back with the results soon.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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