• April 17
      I love these #bigassfan LED work lamps. They aren't cheap - but what good tool is? Do NOT stare in to the light...
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    • April 17
      #persistance is now scattered all over the shop and inching closer to the paint process. The firewall can now catch up to the rest of the project... #ppg #nevercleanenough #

    • April 17
      Thanks to PPG for liking the little blue horsey...

      Stampede: 1969 Ford Mustang - GAP Racing

      Tim Palazzolo from GAP Racing talks about building 'Stampede', a Great 8 Ridler Award Finalist at the 2015 Detroit Autorama. The '69 Mustang features an intense, "Super Blue" color custom mixed by Randy Borcherding at Painthouse using PPG paints.
    • March 30
      Engine in, engine out, engine in, engine out...
      #topeliminator #70cougarconvertible #testfittheheaders #superchargedkitty #detroitspeed @detroitspeed @gapracing

    • March 27
      I still want to build one of these...

    • March 27
      My buddy just brought by his hot rod and let me take it for a cruise. "Awesome" is an understatement. Comfortable, too...

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      Gaps - because they matter...
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      Cody and the Cougar are having a heated discussion concerning the new firewall...

      70 Cougar - "Top Eliminator"
    • March 22
      It has been brought to my attention on more than one occasion recently that there is some confusion as to the level of involvement PAINTHOUSE had in the GAP Racing project "Stampede", a recent Great 8 participant. I have no desire to mislead anyone, so let me attempt to clear the air.

      Per a decision made by the owner of Stampede, PAINTHOUSE DID NOT BODYWORK, BLOCK SAND OR REFINISH THIS PROJECT AS A WHOLE. That portion of the Stampede build was handled by another shop, or shops, using PPG materials that we specified and/or created for the project.

      Therefore, if you love the bodywork and think it is spectacular, we cannot take credit for that. If you like the colors, the depth of reflection in the paint job and cannot see where we had to "fix" it, then we say "Thank you!" and "we've got more coming your way".

      After the car was painted, were asked by GAP Racing to do all we could to get the existing paint job up to Show standards. We did the best we could with what we were asked to work with, time being the biggest factor.

      I have seen some misinformation in online posts, articles and even video of the build, so hopefully this will put everyone on the same page.

      PAINTHOUSE was involved to the extent listed:

      - creation of "Super Blue" & "Greyt8", the custom colors on the car (yes, they are for sale, through PAINTHOUSE, not PPG Refinish USA & Canada. Not yet, at least...)
      - repair of several areas of the concern in the car prior to its debut in Detroit (right door & fender had been chipped and had to be repaired and refinished, repair/refinish of rear lower valance as it had many bodywork pinholes and poor color coverage, repair/refinish of both L/R door jamb areas and latch pillars, repair/refinish of the windshield cowl panel)
      - fill/sand/polish dozens of fisheyes in the existing clearcoat finish
      - blocksand and re-clear the hood multiple times to remove unacceptable bodywork waves and to level the existing surface (in essence, using clear as a primer)
      - block sand and reclear the right outer door panel to remove waviness in the existing panel
      - final adjust the doors, decklid and hood to the best fit possible considering we didn't bodywork the car
      - completely wet sand and polish the exterior of the vehicle to prepare for the debut in Detroit and to attempt to earn a spot in the Great 8
      - prep, prime, refinish, wet sand & polish of the wheel's faces and inner hoops
      - refinish of the inner roll bar cross brace as it had incomplete paint coverage.

      I want to be very clear that Tim Palazzolo an @GAPRacing built this car. Tim and I consulted on many aspects of the car as he built Stampede and prepared it for its first show, however it was his vision and planning that brought Stampede to life.

      On behalf of all of us at PAINTHOUSE, I cannot thank Tim enough for allowing us to be involved in a project of this magnitude. Making it into The Great 8 is a "bucket list" dream come true for not only Tim & GAP Racing but also for us at PAINTHOUSE.

      I would be remiss if I did not also say that it was true a pleasure to work with the gents over at Compton Custom Interiors. Their "stitch-less" interior is something that has to be seen to be appreciated.

      I firmly believe that "a rising tide raises all boats". Having said that, we at PAINTHOUSE want no credit that is not due us. We hope you like and appreciate what we were able to contribute to this fantastic little blue horsey and stay tuned to our PAINTHOUSE Facebook page, blog and website for some upcoming PAINTHOUSE projects that we CAN say we created!

      Now - back to your regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon.

      PS- the amazing 'notphotoshopped' image was taken by John Jackson of NotStock Photography, a great friend and even greater photographer.

    • March 21
      Thanks to PPG for taking a closer look at "Stampede", our favorite GAP Racing-built little blue horsey...

    On the Road

    January 9-11, 2015

    47th Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels

    Chattanooga Convention Center
    1150 Carter Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402
    Chattanooga, TN (A, L4)

    Janaury 23 - 25, 2015


    Fairplex, Pomona
    1101 West McKinley Ave.
    Pomona, CA  91768

    March 6 - 8, 2015

    63rd Annual Detroit AutoRama

    COBO Center
    1 Washington Bloulevard
    Detroit, Michigan 48226


    Goodguys Truck of the Year????

    We took the Hudson up to the 2014 Goodguys Lone Star Nationals in Ft. Worth last weekend in hopes of becoming the 6th and final Finalist for the Goodguys' Truck of the Year - Early (pre-'53). We arrived just in time to line up amid well over 100 phenomenal trucks all vying for the last spot in the coveted contest. Only in Texas could you see this many "over the top" trucks in one place.
    In a effort to for once write a quick, to the point blog, we were selected as the 6th national finalist to compete for the coveted Truck of the Year - Early Award. We cannot thank the Goodguys organization enough for the privelidge and honor of the selection.
    I am not sure when the selection is made, as I understand they do it by "committee" in their offices versus at the actual show(s). I guess that is because the 6 finalists are chosen from select Goodguys events around the country versus from one show as with the "Street Machine of the Year" and "Street Rod of the Year" awards, among others. So, we wait. Presumably, the selection will be made this week and the winner announced.
    Whomever the winner is, they will be invited to appear at the final Goodguys show of the year in Scottsdale, AZ next month. If the stars all line up, hopefully we will be writing again from sunny Arizona. Stay tuned.
    One of my favorite moments was when this young man walked up to me, stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, my name is Hudson". He proved to be a polite, interesting young man with a great handshake. Someone has done a great job planting the right seeds in Hudson. I hope to meet him again.
    Two Hudsons in one picture
    One of the other 5 Truck of the Year - Early candidates
    I don't know whom the other 5 candidates are, except this gorgeous black Ford pickup. Obviously, the stakes are high and I'm sure the other 4 trucks selected are equally as attractive and worthy. The Hudson has its work cut out for it.
    Also, the folks at were kind enough to take an interest in the Hudson and shot pictures for an upcoming article they will post in their popular online magazine. I'll post a link to it as soon as they let me know the article is released in to the wild of the Interwebs.
    The following images are a few of the things that cought my eye while hanging out in the Heart of Texas.
    Vaya con Dios,
    phenomenal '62 Corvette
    A very cool Pontiac
    A very sexy Zephyr...
    2014 Street Rod of the Year and a Great 8 finalist
    Love these old Dodge bodies...
    I know a certain Chevelle that needs these...
    Nice bullets...
    Never too low...
    Finalist 6 for Truck of the Year - Late
    Coolest tow rig ever...
    Dead cows and aluminum...
    Hell yes....



    Monday, October 13, 2014
    Working ...