• December 19
      Some metallic colors just will not cooperate. Now, it's 'back to the future' for the clear coat...
      Old Faithful Gun: 1; 1972 era color: 0 #iwin #PPG #cupgunsarestillcool #accuspray #fluxcapacitor #88mph

    • December 19
      I'm having a great time helping Emanuel and his Pop get some paint on their 5 year father/son project, a 1972 Duster. I hope I can do them justice as this is a really big deal for them. Good times and great memories that they will hopefully never forget...

      Emanuel takes the gun out of my hand and makes it look easy...
    • December 18
      Well, @PPG Refinsh has done it again. The two products listed in the flyer are fantastic: use them, you will not regret it. We cannot thank them enough for letting us represent their phenomenal products.

      John Jackson of NotStock Photography made the '57 look even better than it does in person.

      The "blooper model", however...

      Let the mockery begin...
      #thanksforthelove #greatproducts #notmeagain #humbled #notstockphotographyrocks

    • December 14
      If you are able to read, and are a fan of the recent Ken Block All-wheel-drive Mustang video, you will enjoy this...

      From Concept To Reality: The Hoonicorn RTR Build Story By Vaughn Gittin Jr. 13th December 2014 0 Comments Chapters Next Chapter > A Mustang RTR Like Never Before What’s up Speedhunters! I am pumped to share some of the finer details around the Hoonicorn RTR that ASD Motorsports and RTR built for my…
    • December 13
      Soon they will all have wreaths, although they deserve so much more...#wreathsacrossamerica #theygaveall #thankyou #humbled

    • December 13

    • December 12
      Killing time while waiting on the Jesus Phone to get fixed... #marketing #sabotage

    • December 11
      One color, two clears. Flat or gloss?
      #choices #57 #PPG #nowronganswer

    • December 11
      Yes, we even wet sand & polish things like the overflow tank for the radiator... #foshee #itsasickness #toomuchisjustenough #57

    • December 11
      The "LS Fine" is coming right along...
      #foshee #forcedinductionrules #buytires

    On the Road

    October 4-7, 2014


    '47 Hudson Truck
    Las Vegas
    Convention Center
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Nov 27 - 30, 2014


    George R. Brown
    Convention Center
    Houston, TX



    Goodguys Truck of the Year????

    We took the Hudson up to the 2014 Goodguys Lone Star Nationals in Ft. Worth last weekend in hopes of becoming the 6th and final Finalist for the Goodguys' Truck of the Year - Early (pre-'53). We arrived just in time to line up amid well over 100 phenomenal trucks all vying for the last spot in the coveted contest. Only in Texas could you see this many "over the top" trucks in one place.
    In a effort to for once write a quick, to the point blog, we were selected as the 6th national finalist to compete for the coveted Truck of the Year - Early Award. We cannot thank the Goodguys organization enough for the privelidge and honor of the selection.
    I am not sure when the selection is made, as I understand they do it by "committee" in their offices versus at the actual show(s). I guess that is because the 6 finalists are chosen from select Goodguys events around the country versus from one show as with the "Street Machine of the Year" and "Street Rod of the Year" awards, among others. So, we wait. Presumably, the selection will be made this week and the winner announced.
    Whomever the winner is, they will be invited to appear at the final Goodguys show of the year in Scottsdale, AZ next month. If the stars all line up, hopefully we will be writing again from sunny Arizona. Stay tuned.
    One of my favorite moments was when this young man walked up to me, stuck out his hand and said, "Hi, my name is Hudson". He proved to be a polite, interesting young man with a great handshake. Someone has done a great job planting the right seeds in Hudson. I hope to meet him again.
    Two Hudsons in one picture
    One of the other 5 Truck of the Year - Early candidates
    I don't know whom the other 5 candidates are, except this gorgeous black Ford pickup. Obviously, the stakes are high and I'm sure the other 4 trucks selected are equally as attractive and worthy. The Hudson has its work cut out for it.
    Also, the folks at were kind enough to take an interest in the Hudson and shot pictures for an upcoming article they will post in their popular online magazine. I'll post a link to it as soon as they let me know the article is released in to the wild of the Interwebs.
    The following images are a few of the things that cought my eye while hanging out in the Heart of Texas.
    Vaya con Dios,
    phenomenal '62 Corvette
    A very cool Pontiac
    A very sexy Zephyr...
    2014 Street Rod of the Year and a Great 8 finalist
    Love these old Dodge bodies...
    I know a certain Chevelle that needs these...
    Nice bullets...
    Never too low...
    Finalist 6 for Truck of the Year - Late
    Coolest tow rig ever...
    Dead cows and aluminum...
    Hell yes....



    Monday, October 13, 2014
    Working ...